Intelligent microscopy
from sample to result

Minimic is an automated, intelligent, and trainable microscope. Integrated deep learning image processing guarantees a seamless workflow from sample to the analysis result. Minimic saves time and resources in routine imaging tasks and lets you focus on the exciting questions.

Minimic brings deep learning to your workbench.

You can choose between our expert-trained neural networks or even train your own. Thereby, minimic learns to support you with your specific microscopic counting problem.

Typical fields of application for the minimic are life science research, human and veterinarian medicine. It excels at counting tasks in the diagnosis of infectious diseases, cell culture or reporter assay analysis.

Key Features
minimic TL1

key features tables
key features tables
  • 100x brightfield microscopy
  • 3-axis motorisation
  • Digital autofocus

  • Deep learning-based image analysis
  • Train-it-yourself for custom samples

  • Community for sharing and improving classifiers

Malaria diagnosis

Scientists and medical staff around the world, in hospitals, medical laboratories and research labs together spend about 100 000 hours per day[1] at the microscope, counting blood cells and identifying those that are invaded by the malaria parasite. [1] WHO Malaria Report 2016
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More than 204 million patients were tested by microscopic examination in 2016.
(WHO Malaria Report 2016)
manual microscopy
Why shouldn’t we teach a microscope to do it all by itself?

In cooperation with Heidelberg University Hospital, we trained the minimic to recognize infected and healthy red blood cells in Gimsa-stained thin films. Minimic now helps to excel malaria research in Heidelberg.

Coming next: Tuberculosis diagnosis
| plasmodium berghei infected blood sample analysed with minimic TL1
Analysis Training
Expert knowledge on the bench

Trained with more than 1000 annotated sample images our deep networks make expert knowledge accessible to all minimic users via the minimic cloud.
system analysis model
Community for a smarter microscope

Other samples in mind? Great! Simply image your sample with the minimic, define and annotate your features with the train-it-yourself tool and a custom model for your task is generated in the minimic cloud.
system analysis model
  • Control your minimic simply using a browser.

  • Teach your minimic new tricks using the train-it-yourself tool.

  • Specifications
    minimic TL1

    system analysis model
    system analysis model
    system analysis model
    system analysis model
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